Sound Transit

Delivering for the Long-term.  The Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority, better known as Sound Transit, is a public transit agency serving the Seattle metropolitan area in the State of Washington. Sound [...]

Project Managed, History Transformed

City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Public Service Building “911, what’s your emergency?” a calm voice asks a panicked caller. For years, this well-known verse has been the same, spoken with an inflection that [...]


Panama Canal Authority “Three, two, one! HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Celebratory cheers echo across the globe as the clock strikes midnight, marking the end of a century and the start of a new [...]

A New Service Reaches New Heights

A New Service Reaches New Heights Project at a Glance: Client: Liberty Property Trust Location: Philadelphia, PA “What will the paper write about tomorrow?” The words flash brightly across the seventy-foot-high [...]