Talson understands that successful project management is as much about core skills and analysis as it is about leadership and its project managers. Talson provides clients with project management consulting services that include the planning, management and coordination of real estate projects from conception to completion. Our project management professionals focus on assessing project risks, improving oversight through all project phases, and identifying cost and schedule optimization opportunities. Talson differentiates itself through the quality and experience of the project managers on its team who learn the culture of their clients and enhance that existing culture with new ideas and tools for managing projects.

The Project Management Team serves the commercial real estate, education, healthcare, transportation, retail, and public works / infrastructure industries in the domestic United States and internationally. Talson believes that a risk and quality-based project management program can help mitigate cost, schedule, and quality project risks.

Additionally, Talson provides program management oversight consultant expertise and works with private and agency personnel ensuring funding for capital projects is closely aligned with recipient objectives while monitoring design, cost, construction, quality, and schedule to identify risks throughout a project’s life cycle. Our team participates in monthly contractor and agency meetings assessing project status and funding submittals to determine if a project is in compliance with agreed objectives.

Talson’s Project Management Services considers a project’s full life cycle offering assistance to owners and developers that helps to diminish project risks and enables a successful quality completion.