Detail obsessed. Client focused. Diverse and collaborative.

With integrity and the dedication to achieving the right outcome, Talson Solutions serves the internal audit, compliance and project management services needs of institutions, developers and infrastructure authorities managing capital programs. Our expert professionals work in close collaboration with clients to mitigate risks, improve financial controls and achieve successful project delivery, on time and within budget.

Analyze risks. Personalize solutions.

For over twenty years, Talson has been making project assurance, risk identification and mitigation our core priorities. Any consulting firm needs to ensure that the numbers are correct, no detail is overlooked, compliance is a given, and all technical requirements are met. What sets Talson apart is our deep commitment to the broader needs of our clients. Talson creates long standing relationships by making the organizations we serve better, more efficient, and thus, more successful. Every client is different. Every relationship, no matter the project size, is given the full attention and respect it requires. Clients don’t want to be a number or a dollar sign; they want to be part of a fabric that ties achievements together. So, every Talson team, service and execution plan is created to deliver on the individual needs of the client.

Build trust. Grow partnerships.

Whether engaging clients prior to or helping close-out a contract, Talson Solutions offers our unique engagement skills that have made us a trusted partner on projects such as the Comcast Technology Center in Philadelphia, the Second Avenue Subway in New York, the Regional Connector Transit Corridor in Los Angeles, the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco, the Lincoln Financial Field (home of Philadelphia Eagles) and the Panama Canal Expansion, Third Set of Locks. Whether it’s a cost review, a quality audit on a new light rail line, a diversity compliance review, or serving as an owner’s representative, Talson helps client organizations adapt to and succeed in addressing the changing complexities in capital programs.

Stronger communities

Beginning in just a small corner office, Talson has expanded into a firm that performs services out of multiple domestic and international offices, including New York, Los Angeles, and Panama. Talson also has a long history of community involvement, helping our neighbors make essential home repairs throughout our twenty consecutive year commitment to Rebuilding Together Philadelphia.

The Talson Tapestry

The unique weave of Talson’s culture comes from our diverse collection of experts; detail-oriented auditors, knowledgeable compliance consultants, and masterful project managers. We bring different backgrounds – from engineering to accounting – and varied perspectives – from big firms to founders – to the shared commitment that Talson is more than the sum of its parts. The bigger picture is comprised of the incorporation of differences and shared values in an environment of support and respect for colleagues, clients and our communities.

Talson Solutions’ Core Values

Our core values represent who we are as a firm and how we serve our clients.

Dig deeper, stand stronger.

Uncover insider knowledge. Learn the procedural and individual insights of every project to make the most informed recommendations, decisions, and actions.

Perceive to preserve.

Connect dots to craft plans. Envision solutions to generate efficiencies. See the gaps to prevent problems and protect projects.

Construct with consideration.

Breathe empathy, earn trust. Recognize that construction runs on relationships. See the people behind the project. Tailor solutions to situations, and lead with the highest level of care.

Be accountable, not liable.

Create controls. Uphold your personal duty to mitigate risks, eliminate issues, and follow procedures. Form accountability systems to check boxes, oversee work, and ensure all is right.

Build beyond tomorrow.

Aspire to achieve the highest of heights by turning insights into actions. Build the ambitious departments, developments, and futures you map out. Then, keep building.