There is, and will continue to be a record number of capital projects taking place across the US and internationally. This is great news for our economy, and for the public and private entities who are the engines behind this unprecedented growth. For many stakeholders, managing projects can be a daunting task. Delays in supply chain, installation and quality of materials, along with staffing shortages can lead to major impacts on capital budgets. The end result for some can be costly overruns and disputes, not to mention adverse and unwanted publicity.

Talson, a construction audit, advisory and consulting firm was founded based on our deep desire to assist organizations in successfully navigating capital programs.  Originally founded as a construction auditing firm, Talson expanded its services in response to the needs of our clients, and our portfolio now includes project management and compliance monitoring as well.

We begin by analyzing contracts under selected project delivery methodologies. Pulling from our deep knowledge of the intricacies and inherent risks associated with executing capital projects as well as our experience with design, finance and construction, we evaluate the complexities of each project and offer guidance to anticipate and avoid any potential pitfalls. We then combine that knowledge and expertise with our firm understanding of the challenges faced by CEOs, CFOs, COOs, real estate developers, trustees, boards of directors, audit committees and other stakeholders. The end result is the creation of customized solutions for each organization with whom we work.

Since 2001, our roles as auditors,  advisors and consultants have extended far beyond just the technical and financial aspects; we at Talson pride ourselves on bridging the gap between competing interests, and we do so in an objective and fully transparent manner.

The Talson advantage is apparent in the high level of professionalism and experience that each of our consultants brings to a project. We are trained accountants, architects, construction managers, engineers, quality specialists, finance, and project management experts committed to ensuring successful project outcomes. We identify contract and financial abnormalities, improve project oversight, spot any inconsistencies, and mitigate risks within each project phase – from conception through to completion.

Our uncompromising commitment to our clients has resulted in long term relationships and repeat engagements where Talson has established itself as a trusted partner to public and private organizations that continuously seek out our expertise on current and future capital projects. These carefully cultivated relationships have helped transform Talson into the company it is today – a reputable firm with a strong US and international presence.

Robert S. Bright
President and Founder