Talson Attended & Spoke at AAIA 2019

On June 12, Talson spoke at the 30th Annual Conference of the Association of Airport Internal Auditors in Minneapolis, MN. President and Founder, Robert S. Bright led a session entitled, “Auditing of Indirect Cost Rates, Overhead Rates, and Multipliers.” This session explored the development and review of the contractor “multiplier” and why it is critically important to understand the “What is in and What is not” to prevent overcharges and double-dipping of costs on construction projects. Also included were the pros and cons of fixing the multiplier during contract duration, how to audit during the construction period, and a discussion of appropriate contract provisions for increased financial controls. This session attempted to increase one’s understanding of various wage multiplier rates, what is included and excluded, how to prevent possible overcharges, and double dipping. Also covered was how to assess the multiplier during contract negotiations and what are appropriate contract provisions. Finally, tips were shared on auditing the multiplier and how to increase financial controls. To learn more about the conference, click here.